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Witnesses and Proof in Minnesota Family Court

Most court procedure is accomplished by motions and stipulations. Motions are requests for the court to do something with a formal paper notifying someone that this request will be considered by the court on a certain date and time and in a specified courthouse.

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Marital / Non-Marital Property in Minnesota

Marital Property Marital Property and Liabilities are those obtained during the marriage and up to the statutory valuation date. Minnesota recognizes non-marital property to be: (i) the property which was obtained prior to the marriage; (ii) inheritances to an individual and not to the couple; and (iii) certain parts of personal injury recoveries.

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Cohabitation Agreements

It is often advisable for parties who are not married, but who own assets together, to enter into cohabitation agreements. Cohabitation Agreements define their rights and interests in the property purchased. For example, when parties go into a business venture, they often make partnership agreements for similar reasons.

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Free Divorce Options Workshop

The Collaborative Divorce Professionals offer a free Divorce Options Workshop on the third Saturday of every month. The workshops are held at the Maple Grove Community Center.

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