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We focus exclusively on family law Non-Contested, No Court, Low Cost Divorce. This is the perfect option for those parties wanting  a non-contested divorce, without having to attend Court proceedings and is more cost effective to the entire family. Collaborative Divorce allows you to make the decisions on how your divorce will proceed.  You and your spouse work together with a team of Collaborative Divorce Attorneys and Professionals without going to court, to make the final agreement for the best interest of your changing family.

Through the Collaborative Divorce process you and your spouse achieve a customized settlement that works best for your family, regardless of what a court would usually order.

Collaborative CAs a member of the Collaborative Law Institute all collaborative divorce professionals train together to help their clients achieve their goals, without the stress of court dates, emotional trauma to their children and costs of an extensive litigation or the risk of being taken advantage of in mediation.


In the Collaborative Divorce process there is complete open and transparent communication between the clients and the Collaborative Divorce professionals working on their behalf. It can be highly confidential with respect to everyone else.

A Collaborative Divorce attorney functions as a settlement specialist as opposed to litigation, where the attorneys and advocates arguing positions.   Working with other Collaborative professionals such as Certified Public Accountants, Certified Divorce Planners, and Family Specialists as needed, your attorneys will assist you and your spouse structure your new family life.  Through the Collaborative Divorce process, the parties work together and avoid court until they come to mutually acceptable agreement that takes into account ALL the family members’ best interests, priorities and goals.  The court then signs off on the final agreement to make it an official court decree for enforcement and future proof. Other professionals in your team could include a neutral Family Specialist, a neutral Financial Specialist or an individual’s Coach. 

The Collaborative Divorce Family Specialist, who is usually a mental health professional focuses on what is best for your specific children in this specific time to achieve a customized parenting plan and schedule to your unique family. 

The Collaborative Divorce Financial Specialist, usually a Certified Divorce Finance Manager or CPA acts to  gather the financial information as a neutral and understanding both parties’ needs.  The Financial Specialist then creates budgets to show that the Financial arrangements you are considering will work for both of you.  He or she also helps decide how to get the best benefit when dividing joint assets limiting waste, planning for your future and retirement.  All of the expense of traditional discovery can be avoided using these two neutral specialists.

The individual Collaborative Divorce Coach is also a credentialed mental health professional who assists one or both parties with the emotional adjustments that are sometimes necessary because of the changing roles as the family takes on its new shape.